OSG-150KVA Perkins Silent Diesel Generator

Standby Power (50HZ): 132KW / 165KVA
Prime Power (50HZ): 120KW / 150KVA
Voltage: 380/220V
Frequency (HZ): 50HZ
Engine Type Engine: PERKINS,1106A-70TAG2
Alternator: STAMFORD,UCI274F
Panel: SmartGen 6110
Oil pump: Electronic Speed Control System
Air Intake System: Turbo,Water/Air Cooling
Fuel System: PB type fuel pump
Fuel Consumption (≤g/kw.h): 215
Cylinder Arrangement: 6 in line
Displacement: 7.01L
Bore × Stroke: 105*135(mm)
Compression Ratio: 16.0:1
Rated RPM: 1500rpm
Max.Standby Power at Rated RPM: 180KW / 244HP
Governor Type: Electronic
Max Water Temperature: 104℃
Number of Phase: 3
Connecting Type: 3 Phase and 4 Wires,”Y” type connecting
Number of Bearing: 1
Power Factor: 0.8 Lag
Protection Grade: IP23
Altitude: ≤1000m
Exciter Type: Brushless,self-exciting
Insulation Class,Temperature Rise: H/H
Telephone Influence Factor(TIF): <50
THF: <2%
Voltage Regulation,Steady State: ≤±1%
Alternator Capacity: 150KVA
Alternator Efficiencies: 92.20%
Air Cooling Flow: 0.37m3/s
Overall Size: 2.95(m)×1.1(m)×1.6(m)
Weight: 2400Kg